EnviroVal, Inc. is one of the very few specialty real estate appraisal companies in Northeastern U.S. We specialize in the appraisal of contaminated real estate of all kinds.

We have personally participated in the valuation of the eight railroad estates that were combined into the original Conrail rail track system. Contamination is an issue that affect affects the value of many rights-of-way and rail yard areas, and our expertise was called on due to our experience with contaminated properties.

We also appraised the entire 1,000-plus acre navy facility in Maryland that was known as the Bainbridge Training Facility. This included environmentally
impaired housing, a railroad, and hundreds of vacant area parcels.

Additionally, we have appraised many light and heavy industrial properties, gasoline service stations, retail facilities, and contaminated residential & marine properties, as well as improved and unimproved properties. Our services included an estimation of the contamination damage to affected market value done to property owners by their tenants, and also to a parcel of real estate when the contamination migrated onto it from a neighboring property, or vice versa. Our experience also includes fueling spill appraisals at residential, commercial and industrial properties.

If we can assist you in solving the dollar damage that has been done to your real estate, please call or email us. We are happy to help.