Mr. Benedict has appraised real estate for both condemnors and condemnees. This has been done under the federal and state rules pertaining to litigation valuations. This has been done for the General Service Administration, Departments of the Army and Navy, and the Federal Aeronautics Department.

Litigation appraising has also been done for various departments of the State of Connecticut, with emphasis on the Department of Transportation (DOT).  This type of appraising has also been completed for numerous private owners and their attorneys.  Numerous municipalities have retained Norman Benedict Associates, Inc. to complete condemnation appraisals in conjunction with engineering and educational projects.

The companion to the preparation of condemnation appraisals is that this firm has occassionally valued land for release by a government agency into private ownership, or from one private owner to another private owner.  This has often been done in order to expand the adjacent private ownership or to create plottage for more major real estate develpment projects.

Litigation Testimony

Mr. Benedict has testified in federal courts in the State of Connecticut located in Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport, and in Metropolitan New York.  He has also testified in both general courts and bankruptcy courts.  Testimony has also been given in bankruptcy matters in the New York City federal court system.

He has also testified in all of the state courts of the State of Connecticut.  Additional testimony has been given in the states of Vermont, Rhode Island and New Jersey.

Law Firms Represented

Berchem, Moses & Devlin; Bergman, Horowitz & Reynolds; Berman and Sable, LLC; Burak Anderson & Milloni PC; Carmody & Torrance; Cohen and Wolf, P.C.; Richard Cody; Jack Collison; Cummings & Lockwood, Kathleen M. Conway; Day, Berry & Howard; Day Pitney, LLP; Denorfia & Foti LLC; Gillooly, Kleban & Samor, P.C.; Gladstone, Hitt, Sachner & Miele; Goldblatt Marquette & Rashba, PC; Green & Sklarz, LLC; Hall & Savarese; Jacobi, Kappel & Case, P.C.; Jeffrey Hellman; Kasloff & Harding; Robert Leitze; Levy & Droney; McGrail, Carroll & Sheedy; Miniter and Associates; Moynahan & Minnella, LLC; Pepe & Hazard, Francis J. Pavetti, Schwartz, Pullman & Comley; Robinson & Cole; Rogin Nassau, LLC; Sandler Hatcher & Goldstein, P.C.; Sandman Law Group; Schatz & Schatz, Ribicoff & Kotkin; Schine, Soloman, Krupnikoff, Wyskiel & Gerber; Shapero & Karp; Tyler, Cooper & Alcorn; Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, PC; Wiggin & Dana; John Williams; Willinger, Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, PC; Zeldes Needle & Cooper; Zeisler & Zeisler PC; and Graham Kaufam & Canoles, Williamsburg, VA.