Service Areas

Our primary focus includes offices, industrial buildings, free standing retail shopping centers and special purpose properties. We have appraised the entire 28,000 mile Conrail right-of-way network, surplus facilities in Rhode Island, and Coast Guard facilities in Connecticut. We also appraised a total surplus Navy base in Maryland and created a study of a significant portion of a surplus Air Force base in Georgia.

More frequently, however, our assignments include 10,000 to 25,000 square foot factories, 30,000 to 150,000 square foot offices, 100,000 to 200,000 square foot shopping centers, apartments and other unique properties.

Norman Benedict Associates, Inc. represents both borrowers and lenders. We have provided both valuation and counseling services for all sides of real estate transactions. We have generated Highest and Best Use studies, Supply v. Demand studies, and have reviewed appraisal reports for loan officers and senior management. Many law firms regularly employ our Company when their needs require a dependable, high quality real estate valuation in anticipation of a sale, merger, acquisition, or estate settlement.

Today, our emphasis is on property appraisals in anticipation of litigation - including forensic appraisal report reviews, feasibility studies, real estate tax appeals and disproportionate tax studies - and financial transactions,

We have appraised and/or counseled (a) and lectured (l) in the following states, district and province:


Consulting Clients:

Branford Savings Bank; Gateway Bank; Chemical Corp.; King-Seeley Thermos and Lafayette Associates; New England Merchants National Bank; Olin Mathieson; States of Connecticut and Rhode Island; Towns of Greenwich, Stamford, and Woodbridge; U. S. Attorney; and United States Postal Service. Law firms who have requested counseling reports include Day, Berry & Howard, Green and Gross, and Robinson & Cole.